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What is ‘home journeys’?

We want to continue our ‘happy journey’, by giving all children access to an all-round education and create a healthy environment, through an online learning programme for the home. In doing this we give all children an equal opportunity to thrive emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally whilst continuing on their journey of lifelong learning.

Why ‘home journeys’?

1. Why home learning? This home journey will provide endless opportunities for children to be creative whilst providing the perfect environment for children to learn and play in daily. This programme is designed to enhance creativity and imagination, helping to nurture the new generation of future leaders.  Available to you on a digital platform designed to be used anytime, anywhere.

Why this home learning is different? It is designed and developed by expert trained teachers in the early years education sector incorporating all areas of the EYFS. This programme is available for all children ranging from 6 months to 5 years old with specific advice on how to adapt each activity.

Adult led approach will not only provide a great opportunity for you to bond with your child but also the quality time needed for your child to thrive.

Save money - Using mostly natural resources that can be readily found in the home, therefore very sustainable and cost effective.

Save yourself time and hours of stress and research with simple, do-able, step by step guidance; the ease and convenience required for busy mums.

A customised plan, with new content added weekly, we aim to provide all resources necessary and show you exactly how to use them. Whilst giving you all the guidance needed to make this a smooth and enjoyable journey for your family.

What you’ll get?

Activity of the day
A fantastic range of activities to keep your child busy and active whilst encouraging them to explore all their senses and helping to enhance their imagination and creativity. The activities are aimed to include at least three or more EYFS developmental links. More than anything the idea is just to enjoy the journey, connect with your child and have fun!

Recipe of the day
Well-balanced nutritious recipes suitable for children as well as adults. Good nutrition and a balanced diet are a vital part of living a healthy lifestyle. We want your child to form healthy eating habits, as they say ‘a healthy child is a happy child’

These are worksheets to help encourage your child to start thinking about numbers and counting; letters and phonics; colouring and pencil control; as well as matching. These will all help to develop the skills needed when going on to the next level of their education. As well as deepening your child’s engagement they also aim to increase a child’s concentration and therefore productivity.

Nursery Room

An interactive approach to learning! Daily videos available to you ranging from workouts, mindfulness, story time to Spanish lessons. These videos are designed for your child to learn, be active and be happy! This is more of a holistic approach and aims to develop your children mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally, all very important for raising an all-round happy and healthy child.

Why is early learning so important?

Reason 1
The first years of a child’s life are the most crucial for their future development. The early years are the foundation for lifelong learning, especially the development of cognitive and social abilities. From an early age we want to help shape the extraordinary person they will become.

Reason 2
Your child is unique, and so is their brain. The first 5 years of life are crucial to development and because the brain is a muscle, good development requires constant mental exercise.The role of our early years team is to get the two halves of your child’s brain (shown below) to reach their full potential by getting them to work in partnership.
We do this by providing your child with a wide variety of games, tasks and learning to ensure that every part of their brain grows together. (image of brain left and right sides- see prospectus on website for image)

Reason 3
The early years are a period of great opportunity.  A combination of good nutrition, constant love and the ability to learn in the early years leads children to live healthier lives, do better at school and as a result have higher living wages. This can result in a more successful adulthood and even give the next generation a better start to life.
The financial and social welfare of today’s society is contributed by educated and healthy people.

So how does it work?
Our goal is to make the whole journey stress free and easy to find activities suitable for your child. From worksheets to art activities to phonics games to exercise videos, a platform aimed to help reinforce your child’s learning abilities.
Home Journeys online nursery is designed to be very simple to navigate your way around. With nothing to install, all documents are available to download and print and can be used anywhere, anytime and on any device including tablets, laptops, and desktops.
New content will be available to view weekly and all activities, worksheets and videos will be based around a weekly theme helping to broaden your child’s knowledge and understanding of the world.

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