About us

Together with my husband, we founded Happy Journeys Day Nursery in London in 2019. Having two young children ourselves and an interest in making a difference, we took it upon us to provide a more holistic approach to learning: a balance between the home, the environment, and the growing child.

My parenting journey began with endless research on different ways to occupy my children as well as nurture them the best way I can. I soon realised that parenting is a journey of transformational growth for both the parent and the child. I wanted to do my best to reduce screen time as much as possible and be there to really connect with them. This led to the start of Home Journeys, an online nursery providing creative activities, healthy recipes and interactive learning videos all created by qualified nursery educators.

By providing children with an online programme, we want to make learning available and easily accessible for all children, everywhere whilst giving children the quality education they need to flourish. We would love if you would join us on our Home Journey so together, we can grow towards a happier and healthier life.


The outdoor environment is vital for a child’s development. It lays the foundation for a healthy and active life, all while improving their confidence and motor skills. Being in nature can helps spark their imagination and inspire creativity


We do our best to select creative activities daily that provide each child with the nurturing and challenging environment that they require in order to grow and develop to the best of their ability.


Good nutrition and a balanced diet are a vital part of living a healthy lifestyle. We include fruit and veg in our daily menus and recipes wherever possible. We want your child to form healthy eating habits from a young age, as they say, ‘a healthy child is a happy child’.

Our Nursery in London

At Happy Journeys day nursery in London, we give your child the perfect opportunity to grow, explore, learn, and play in a warm and secure environment.

We provide all of the support and resources necessary to motivate your child to be an active learner and thinker and prepare them for a positive future.

Happy Journeys is more than just daycare; It’s about the start of your child’s education, preparation for school, and the foundation for a successful journey that goes beyond education.

Happy Journeys